Improving your product quality and performance by Improving your requirements
What We Do
  1. Requirements Analysis
    Requirements Analysis
    Excellent products begin with well-formed requirements. Our team can assist youfirm develop quality requirements and efficiently analyze existing requirements. We ensure products best meet the needs of customers, are of high quality, and maximize core capabilities.
  2. System Simulation and Sensitivity Analysis
    System Simulation and Sensitivity Analysis
    Complex product development require significant investment of time and resource. Our team employs simulation to analyze the key design and requirement parameters early in the development cycle. To improves quality, predictability, and profitability.
About Us
Scott Kalpin is the founder of SK Technical services (dba) team. 30 plus years of engineering development in a wide array of industries has resulted in a refined ability keep projects on target through proper emphasis on requirements.

Our experience spans the industries of medical, aeorspace, military, automotive, manufacturing, industrial metrology, and information systems.  Always, our attention is the requirement and the technology and capabilities that maximize quality and competitiveness.

We thrive in the complex cross-functional systems -- biological, biomechanical, electro-mechanical, mixed signal, hardware/software integrations, and environment interaction including electromagnetic fields.

We welcome your company's needs.  We enjoy challenges.  And, we take pride in being efficient.  Do not hestitate to contact us.